The new information system of Iranian medical research

"New Information System of Iranian Medical Research" with the acronym (Nopa) with the aim of effective and ethical use of research, quantitative and qualitative development, management and optimal guidance of health system research, increasing researchers' access to information resources, improving the visibility of research results and Monitoring, monitoring, distribution and promotion of knowledge produced by medical research have been designed and implemented in the Deputy of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health. This system is a collection of research information methods and systems, including information for researchers and authors of articles, research projects, dissertations, articles, journals, 2 books, and other information items. Start-up systems include 12 scientific research information systems that provide 12 new research services to the country's medical researchers in the twelfth government. These systems include a faculty member evaluation system, a scientific research journal, a publishing and book system, a bank of journals, a system of invalid and forged journals, a health research results and news system, a resource finder system, a simulation system, and a database of science articles. Medicine, the National Library of Digital Medicine, the Scientific System of Medical Sciences, and the Database of Research Projects. The list and address of all these systems are available at the start-up portal at