Research Priorities

Research priorities
The research priorities were determined with the participation of the heads and managers of the hospitals, the heads of the research centers of the hospital management and health management and economics, the assistant doctors of the specialized department of epidemiology and hosted by the research and technology deputy of the university.

The focus of research priorities

Quality and credibility

  • Performance system evaluation based on performance in Hasheminejad, Firoozgar, Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) and Shahid Fahmideh hospitals
  • Experimental implementation of the second step of the performance-based payment system in Firoozgar, Hazrat Rasool Akram (PBUH) and Shahdayehftam Tir hospitals
  • Evaluation of the implementation of selected clinical guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health in selected university hospitals
  • Design and implementation of interventions to promote the implementation of selected clinical guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health in selected university hospitals
  • Design, experimental implementation and evaluation of intervention, transfer of hospital hotel quality selection to patients
  • Design and pilot implementation of physician performance evaluation system in hospital
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of quality management dashboards

human resources

  • Reviewing the standardization of human resource coefficient for hospital beds (equivalence of hospital beds)
  • Design and pilot implementation of the proposed time management model for hospital staff in a general university hospital
  • Feasibility study of multidisciplinary use of manpower for support measures with emphasis on hospitals with less than 100 beds
  • Identify the methods needed to increase motivation in personnel other than economic issues
  • Investigating the effect of using information technology in facilitating the workload of hospital staff
  • Investigating the different methods of delegating human resource management authority from staff areas to hospitals
  • Determine ways to hire retired or professional and semi-professional out-of-hospital staff to perform clinical services
    To patients in a non-profit format

financial department

  • Development of appropriate indicators for functional payment in hospital support staff (Phase 2: Implementation and evaluation of intervention)
  • Determining ways to reduce hidden deductions in hospitals
  • Determining the outsourcing model of paraclinical services and concluding a contract with emphasis on initial evaluation
  • Determining the amount of income relative to cost, investment and output performance of the unit
  • Check costs associated with maintenance and received credits
  • Comparison of cost-benefit analysis of disposable and reusable appliances
  • Analysis of the cost of services in hospital services (Global surgeries and 4)
  • Provide a model for prioritizing the implementation of guideline services (clinical and 2) from an economic perspective
  • Investigating the Challenges of Implementing Clinical Guidelines
    Cost-benefit analysis of the transfer of support services to the private sector
  • Investigating the condition, causes and strategies to reduce hospital deductions
  • Investigating the Challenges of Establishing a New Accounting System in Hospitals
    Cost-benefit analysis of the supply of medicines and consumables by Rasad Akram Hospital
  • Investigating the strategies of increasing the income of hospital and surgery services of Fatemeh Zahra Robat Karim Hospital
  • Feasibility study of outpatient services to increase the income of medical centers
    Cost-benefit analysis of IPD launch
  • Determining the financial performance indicators of university hospitals
    Cost-benefit analysis of the use of liquid oxygen instead of the oxygen generator in the university’s affiliated centers
  • Economic burden analysis resulting from the admission of patients with complications from the private sector
    Calculate the cost of services in clinical departments and compare with income
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of antibiotic use according to communication guidelines
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of anticoagulant use according to communication guidelines
  • Investigating the results of participation of urban organs in reducing the costs of Fatemeh Zahra Robat Karim Hospital