Provide a model for selecting and evaluating outsourcing service providers based on a hierarchical analysis approach in hospitals

In any industry, the selection and evaluation of suppliers for progress and development is critical. Given the widespread use of corporate systems and the emphasis on concepts of quality improvement, managers are trying to reach boundaries beyond money and materials to discover a new range of opportunities in today's world.

In most business processes, it is essential for companies to be able to trust suppliers, suppliers who deliver high quality goods / services in the shortest time and at the right price.

In recent years, Hasheminejad Hospital has either outsourced some of its non-therapeutic services or decided to outsource it to the private sector, selecting and evaluating the provider of the critical and main issue in outsourcing hospital services. Therefore, in this study, the issue of selecting and evaluating suppliers for outsourced services in hospitals has been addressed.

Suppliers were selected and evaluated in several stages. And 4- Analysis of results.

Phase 1: Based on the studies, 25 criteria for selecting and evaluating suppliers were identified. Were.

Phase Two: Then the identification criteria were categorized into three areas: service characteristics, supplier characteristics, and communication criteria in the supply chain. The level is drawn, the designed chart includes 4 levels: the first level: ‌ The highest level is the decision level, at this level the suppliers are selected and evaluated, the second level: :the level of criteria, مع

At this level, three main criteria are: service characteristics, ‌ Supplier characteristics and communication criteria in the supply chain. Third level: In the third level, indicators and criteria for selection and evaluation are identified. چهارمFourth level, ‌In this level, which is called the options level, ‌ Suppliers are located,

Phase 3 and 4: The questionnaires were provided to specialists and experts, which consisted of the hospital director, the hospital quality manager, the human resources manager, the hospital's research assistant, the director of Moheb Hospital, and other experts and specialists in this field. And completed in the form of an interview. The collected data were analyzed in Expert Choice 11 software.

Dr. Massoud Etemadian, Faculty Member of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Member of the Founding Board of Hospital Management Research Center

Dr. Pejman Shadpour, Deputy Director of Education and Research at Hasheminejad Hospital and Director of the Hospital Management Research Center

Fatemeh Semnani, ‌ Director of Hasheminejad Hospital Quality Improvement, Director of Hospital Management Research Center

Engineer Roh Angiz Asadi, Master of Industrial Engineering, Hospital Management Research Center

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