Communication of the research deputy of the hospital management research center

Dr. Jaleh Abdi
Distinguished Research Assistant, National Institutes of Health Research

With regard to the experiences and scientific and research ability of the Supreme Leader, according to this notification, he was appointed as the research assistant of the Hospital Management Research Center to provide services in accordance with the regulations and description of the existing duties.
The most important steps you can take today are as follows:

Use of national and international capacities to improve the quality of research
Orientational ethics in research
Selection and implementation of applied research in the center
In-section and out-of-section coordination with all related devices
Active communication with other domestic and foreign research centers, especially health system research centers
Activating and updating the Center's Hospital Research Journal
Maximize the attraction of young elites and capable researchers to conduct applied research
Continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Health in order to identify and conduct research and applied projects intended by the Ministry

I pray to God for the success and pride of His Excellency in carrying out his duties.

Dr. Hamid Pourasghari
Director of Hospital Management Research Center

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